WIP ... Thunder Struck Purple Rain

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm really excited about the Angels of Death supplement, I've been a fan of the Iron Hands rules for a little while and bringing back the "It will not die" on all vehicles in the army is nice. Making an all tank army is a viable option with the added boost the suplement brings to the table.

As such I've been working on a new list to motivate myself to get my own models painted. Its funny with the amount of painting I do most of my own models sit negelcted or just base coated so they're not grey plastic. One of the hazards of turning something you love into a "business" I guess. Occansionally I'll get a slight lull between commision projects that I'll try and squeeze in 1500 points of marines so I can keep my full chapter on track to be finished sometime this century.

In this batch I'm workign on some Forge World older marks of armour for tactical squads, thunderfire cannons and the crew. Once these are done I'll move on and get the tanks wrapped up.

The 1500 point list I'm working on is looking like:
Tech Marine on bike with Conversion Beamer
Tact Squad in Razorback
Tact Squad in Razorback
Landraider Achilles
Thunderfire Cannon 
Armoured Taskforce
(1) Techmarine
(3) Thunderfire Cannons
(2) Vindicators
(1) Whirlwind 

For 2000 point games I just need to swap out four models, a turrent and add a Knight Atrapos. I think this will be fun and really effective against infantry. I feel like it will have some issues with tanks and super heavies but I like the look and theme of the list.


On to the next one

I've finally wrapped up all the various commissions I'd been working on.

Marines, gladiators, assassins, daemon hosts, aliens, predators and colonial marines are done and viewable in the gallery.

The next projects on my list are some Guildball Players, Deathwatch Marines and maybe a few personal projects.


Big Tanks ... Fellblade WIP

Warhammer 40,000 – I recently came across a very good deal on a Fellblade Super Heavy Tank, I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it but having access to a super-heavy that's considered part of my "faction" will be useful for events that allow Forgeworld but restrict to one faction. Most of the time I'd prefer an Imperial Knight for versitility.

The kit didn't have instructions, probably part of the reason it was such a good deal, so putting it togther was a little tricky. Overall the resin wasn't to badly warped so I didn't have to do much boiling and straightening. The gun barrels are really the only part that was noticably curved (which seems to be common on resin gun barrels).

I opted to just build it as the base model with the hatches closed becaused I can't imagine sinking more than the 540 base points into this monstrosity. Worst case I can magnetize some pintle weapons at a later date.

Having played several games against one of these I can say it does a good job of drawing a ton of fire and whiping out units in droves. While not as versitle as a Knight, the Fellblade is much more survivable. I can't waiting to start getting some paint on this.


WIP ... Salamanders, Demon Hosts and Deathcultists

Warhammer 40,000 – One of my regular clients seems to be on the last leg of his fleshing out out his Grey Knights, Inquisitor and Salamanders forces. The latest batch of models he gave me to paint included six death cult assassins, five metal terminators (that needed to be stripped), three daemon hosts and a drop pod that has been built for a dreadnought.

All of these are painting to match his existing forces which range from a three color basic to a mid level tabletop style of paint. The Salamanders are fun because I had to mix up a special batch of paint to match his existing force which I've done a few styles of terminators for now.


Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down? WIP Arena Rex

Arena Rex – I know very little about this Gladiatorial Combat Game. What I know is it uses a D6 system, is small scale and has beautiful models. As part of the orange marine commission I've been grinding away at my client also gave me a box with four small resin model for Arena Rex.

The models are very nice with clean sculpts and very fine attachment points. I was nervous upon initial inspection and clean up but the models went together smoothly and look incredible once they're assembled.

For paint my client asked me to follow the art cards that were included with each model. The two roman legionaries I'm painting in the traditional red and gold and the other two models will be primarily silver with blue and green. The base colors went down smooth and I'm looking forward to putting down more paint on these.