Off the painting table ... Salamanders Light

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm not sure if juggling several projects at once is the most efficient way to work when I have a bunch of stuff that needs to get done in a similar timeframe. It helps to show all parties progress steadily but I almost think it adds time to the overall process. Regardless I finally wrapped up these Salamanders that needed to match a previous army I painted.

Of course the paint I used has been discontinued so I had to mix up something to get a close match. I'm pretty happy with the result. They blend in nicely with the rest of the force and my client has informed me that there will be some additional elements he'll be sending my way.

You can see more photos in the gallery.


Winter Wonderland ... WIP Frostgrave Table

Frostgrave – After playing a game of Frostgrave, I'm hooked. The rules are simple yet deep enough to offer some interesting options. The concept is great and I'm eager to do more work on my fantasy urban table.

I spent most of the day in the basement winterizing this table and building some terrain to make it feel more like a sprawling metropolis instead of a weird mishmash of trees and rocks on cobblestones. (which worked just fine for the first game we played)

I started with the simple applications of some spackle to the board to block out areas where I'll eventually put snow flock. This also helped to smooth out the areas where building will go so they could sit flush without a big base to support them.

Next I took some ultra board that I rescued from the dump and cut out the shapes of the buildings. This material is a bit thick but I like using it for terrain because it's so durable. After cutting and gluing the parts together i dug through my box of bits to find something to use for the doors. (Honestly making custom doors for each building would be a bit of a drag) I found a useful bit and made a quick mold of it so I could cast enough to use on every building for the board. 

For the roofing I cut shingles out of some cardstock and glued them haphazardly to the roofs to give that run-down appearance and to "match" the look of the roof on the wizard tower terrain piece I've had waiting to paint for a few years.

The last bit a worked on before calling it a day was finding something to use for rails. Digging through my molds I found the Hirst Arts graveyard mold, which has a nifty iron fence that I'll use on all the balconies.

There is still quite a bit left to do but the table is quickly coming together.



Feeling a Chill ... Frostgrave is calling

Frostgrave – I never really got into Mordheim, the game seemed interesting but Warhammer Fantasy never appealed to me. The buzz about Frostgrave got me interested in the game. My wife gave me the short story compilation for Christmas and while it wasn't mind-blowingly good it was interesting enough to convince me to spend the $18 to get the rule book.

The rule book is worth every penny. It's full color, hardback and laid out in a manner that makes sense. I'm not a fan of the "official" models but it's so generic that anyone can find models in their existing collection to build a warband. For a place holder until my reaper models arrive I'll be using some old Malifaux models. (Might as well since they've been in my bag since second edition came out, right?) I'm also very happy that this uses a 3'x3' board, I'll be able to use all the boards that have been gathering dust.

One of the projects that I abbandonned when Malifaux fell out of favor with my group was a large city table. I'm hoping this will work for games of Frostgrave because I'd like to revisit the project and convert this to a wintery scene. The game is set in a generic fantasy world which seams to be pre-steam power/gunpowder so some of my terrain might need a make-over. Perhaps the train-track could lead to a mine system?

I'm hoping to get a game in this week and I'll report back with a review/battle report.



More Dawn Spears Complete ... Damocles Supplement List

Warhammer 40,000 – I've posted some additional photos in the gallery for the Dawn Spears custom Space Marine chapter I've been working on for a client. This is a basic 3-Color job with custom decals. 

This batch consists of some scouts, landspeeder storms, librarian and an assault squad. I believe with the last batch and these he has most of the models he would need to run the formations from the Kauyon, Damocles Crusade supplement. 

Next up I'll be working on wrapping up some Barbarians for a D&D client as well as the two Salamander commissions I've been grinding away at.


More Proof I Suck at 40K

Warhammer 40,000 – I recently picked up a Knight Atrapos from Forgeworld. The model is very nice and I was able to get it put together and base coated in time to put it on the table at my regular game night. 

The assembly was pretty simple, once you've built one or two of the knights you know the steps and what goes where. Clean up was also fairly simple the vents weren't to bad and the tabs were clearly labeled. I primed and base coated the model with Montana Gold spray and then picked out the metallic bits. Just enough to make it look ok on the table so I'm not playing with bare resin.

The plan for game night was 1,000 point lists, four players random teams. I was eager to try the Siccaran and Knight Atrapos so I built a list around them. Figuring Iron Hands make sense to ally with the Mechanicum Knight I took (2) tact squads in razor backs, (1) master of the forge a siccaran and the Knight. Some how I missed the memo because everyone else brought guard lists, more specifically (2) tank commander lists and (1) Death Korps in tunnelers with medusa artillery. We determined teams rolling even and odds and I was paired with the Death Korps player.

We played a simple 12" long edge deployment with Maelstrom cards as the win condition. Going second against that many tanks wasn't going to be fun so I rolled to seize the initiative and failed. 

The beat down that followed was painful and I quickly realized I built a terrible list. Rather than running to get deep in their lines I walked forward and shot with the Knight dealing my self a hull point and failing to do more than take the turrent off a Leman Russ. 

The second turn a bunch of vets assaulted it with melta bombs and managed to kill the Knight. It scattered back toward my lines and exploded killing two marines. My razorbacks were wrecked in the same turn and I was quickly left with a fairly useless army. Luckily my teammate was able to bring in the tunnelers and do some damage to the tanks but in the end it wasn't enough and we lost 8-4.

I feel like this Knight might work better as a Household formation instead of an Oathsworn detachment.