New Battle Report Posted - Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 – I posted a new battle report using a portion of my Bug Hunt Corridor Terrain Set. You can view the full report here.


To the side ... More Bug Hunt

Terrain Making – Now I can have joining rooms. The next sections I worked on are the two-side corridor rooms these sections allow to have a room on both sides of the section. If I had the narrow side rooms this would be perfect to set up a row of holding cells as it if it works pretty good to add some addtional interest areas and potential ambush sites.

Painting on these is that same as the rest of the project. The tricky part was gluing in the railings as they only attach at one point and have quite a bit of material that single point needs to support. With a little patience they glued in place just fine.

Now that I have a good chunk of these sections assembled I started playing around with how they'd work on a 4'x6' table. My first idea is to set them up as a research station on a desert planet. It fills the space well enough even though I don't have all me sections completed; my only issue right now is I don't have 4-way intersections or enough corner/t-sections. I'll need them in order to connect the various hallways into a working base. I'm hoping to be able to get a game on it soon and will post a report after.


I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Terrain Building – Sorting through the sections of Bug Hunt Corridors I have left to paint and build, I can across some nifty components that I forgot were included in the pledge.

First up were some nifty acrylic counters to indicate if doors are locked or open, these are pretty cool and I'm sure I'll use them once we start laying some games on this terrain set. They fit right over the tabs that are used to slide the doors open and closed so very useful counters.

Next is the really cool bonus bit: The Ganeway Load Lifter. This wonder of engineering is used to move around the hex crates that were also included in the pledge. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available for general sale which means this was a Kickstarter Exclusive. Really a shame because I'd love to pick up a few more of them since the model turned out so cool.

When I first dumped out the tiny little baggy of parts I thought it was going to be a giant pain to assemble. In actuality it took me less then five minutes to glue the hole thing together. Really impressive and full of character. I haven't decided how I want to paint it up yet so I'll put it in the pile with the load of crates to be taken care of at a later date.


Getting Raunchy - Judge Dredd Book Review

Book Review – Recently I finished reading Judge Dredd: The XXX Files. I picked this compilation book up because the cover art is really fun and kept catching my eye. I'm slowly reading the Complete Case Files but opted to take a break from them to read a stand alone compilation. 

Starting with the book itself, this is a nice trade paperback with a soft-touch finish on the cover which looks and feels great. The interior full color pages are printed on a nice glossy stock that reproduces the art well. This would look great on a coffee table as a conversation piece. (given you're ok with the content)

The stories inside are from mulitple time periods by different authors and illustrators, sharing the common theme of love, sex or other adult industries in Mega City One. Some of the stories are just plain weird like the Sex Olympics while others are a really compelling read with great art like the Jack the Ripper style sex-droid killer. Even the weird stories are an interesting read and provide a look into the seedier side of the Big Meg. 

I picked this up for some inspiration to finish up my Slippery Kitty Lounge terrain piece. The art definitly gives me some good ideas on how I should decorate the interior. The added bonus is I also have some ideas on possible story arcs to use once I can get my group back into playing the Judge Dredd Miniatures game.

If you're a fan of Judge Dredd this is a must read.


End of the Line ... well not really

Terrain Making – Just a short update today, I realize these posts are starting to get a little repetitive, but bear with me. I've gotten the three end rooms painted and assembled for this project. Painting and assembly is the same as the rest of the project which you can read more about here.

The unique thing about these rooms is they fit flush with the corridors and give a natural end to a run of the straight sections. You'll need some of these or some end caps in order to build anything other than a round-about of corridors so I'm glad my pledge included a few of them. Just like with the side rooms they're going to need some scatter terrain to give each room a purpose. I'm thinking of numbering the doors to match up with the objectives for 40K Maelstrom Missions it would make it easy to set up objectives 1-6. 

I think I'm about half-way through the interior pieces, next up is two-side rooms and maybe I'll get fancy and do the 4-way junctions as well.