Let there be progress ... Wrapping up orange marines

Warhammer 40,000 – I love being able to move things off the painting table. The first portion of the Orange Marines is done (except for decals and sealant) I spent a bit more time on these than I typically would for a three color job just because most of these models are character and special characters.

The blue of the librarians really pops against the orange and red of the chapter colors. For the librarians I modified the stock plastic model with different weapons, heads and added some jump packs. I think my client is planning on using these as a Librarius Conclave that can jump around the field causing problems for his opponenet.

If all goes as planned I'll be wrapping up the second half of the character models shortly with the Leman Russ allied tank company coming soon.

(Please forgive the photo quality posting from my phone)


Burning the Midnight Oil ... WIP Demons

Dungeons & Dragons – It's rare that a job takes me this long, I think the combinations of a lack of deadline, huge pile of work and wanting to make these perfect is what's causing this to take so long. (Huh rereading that it almost looks like I'm making excuses...)

Anyway I've made some pretty decent progress on the large Netherlord, spiked red version. This is not an easy model to paint, the location of the spikes make holding it awkward and the curves are tricky to get the highlights right on. 

The base turned out pretty cool and I'm happy with the effect. It won't be ling and this will be wrapped up and shipped off to the client.


Tangerine Marines ... The Characters

Warhammer 40,000 – Jockero Orange is my friend. This nifty color has been the basis for a very large (an ever growing) commission army for one of my favorite clients. Granted it's not flashy or super detailed but working on this job has truly expanded my ability to quickly assemble, base and paint a large number of models in a short amount of time.  This force really represents the most economical way to get a great looking army on the tabletop. 

My client also did what I consider the smartest way to collect Space Marines. Create your own chapter with your own color scheme and icon. That way everything you have looks great together and you can change up your army to fit whatever codex you want to play. It saves you from having to redo basic troops and transports anytime you want to change tactics.

The latest batch of models I'm painting up are 3+ Colors, with a wash, custom decal and basic basing. He's given me almost every special character, some whirlwinds and an allied tank force that he wants to all match up. I reminds me a bit of the Tyrants Legion idea one of my other clients had, keeping everything consistent opens the doors to lots of options. 


Magical Mystery Demons ... WIP

Dungeons & Dragons – Blue, pink and green are not in my typical comfort zone on models. I've done each as a main color individually but never all together. The second half of the demon job I'm working on pulls those colors together. 

I'm not sure how I feel about these at the moment other than they need more work. In order to pull this off I'm going to have to really bring out the highlights to give the models an otherworldly feel. 

Once I get the glowing green fire right I think it will pull everything together nicely.


Gooey Filled Center ... Plague Demons WIP

Dungeons & Dragons – This demon job seems to be taking significantly longer than usual. After several variations I think I finally got the skin tone right on these plague demons. It's a shame my camera isn't picking up all the subtle variations in tone, I suppose once I'm done and set up the lightbox and use my real camera instead of my phone the photos will showcase the sick skin color. 

I'm really surprised at how well the GW blood effect works. It doesn't take much to create a gory disgusting look. Much easier than mixing red ink and gloss varnish to get a similar look. I'm not sure what they put in it but the paint even has a congeeling blood consistency, so it doesn't run all over the place.

The lava effect in the last photo matches up to the Golden God I painted last year. Just slightly different because I used my rock bases instead of the hell bases. I like using these because they're generic enough to fit with many different themes just by changing the paint color.

You can see the Minotaur and red devil demon in the background of these pictures, they're next on my list to wrap up for this job. I'm practicing some techniques one the smaller models before I apply them to the big Netherlords.