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On the painting table ... boosted

Relic Knights – One of the cooler thing about Relic Knights is the idea of boosts. These are small tokens/models you can buy with extra points to fill out your list. Not only does this give you something to spend that random 1-3 points on but it also adds a cool little "power-up" that you put out on the field. 

As part of the Kickstarter they included a set of these for every two factions you purchased. They should match up with the boosts so it's easy to recognize what they are on the table (although I wish they included a key on the box so it was easier to tell what's what).


On the painting table ... Ship Shape

Relic Knights – This month has been a real bear to get anything done. Real life has been kicking my ass lately so my hobby/second job has been taking a back seat for a bit.

It seems like things are starting to smooth out so I've been able to get back into the swing of the Star Nebula Commission. At this point I've got most of the base colors down and have the preliminary washes in place to help bring out the details on these minis. Unlike the Noh faction these are a bunch of human size models many of which are very unique. Which means my assembly line process has a few more steps. 

Now that the bulk of the models are blocked in I can separate them into groups that share colors to do the next two stages of my painting process. First is to clean up the details and add the midtones, followed by final highlights and washes.

I'm eager to get these wrapped up as I have a Doctrine Job, an Imperial Guard job as well as a large Chaos job in the que (not to mention my own projects) so I'm a busy little painter.


Getting Crafty ... Decorating Deck Boxes

Relic Knights – I'm really happy with the Pro Dual Tower Deck boxes I picked up to store my Relic Knights stuff, however the black boxes are pretty plain. It's also a bit of an annoyance to have to open each box to see what's inside. In an effort to dress them up a bit I created some stickers to apply to the boxes. These help to distingush the boxes from one another as they're all solid black.

I used some Avery Full Sheet Laser labels to print stickers of each faction symbol and the Relic Knights logo. This paper is supposed to stand up to the terrors the USPS puts packages through so I'm hoping it will stand up to some use. I may wind up reprinting them and sealing the stickers with a gloss varnish if they don't hold up, but I was in a hurry and just stuck them down. (Sometimes you just have to try something to see how it will look before you go back and do it right)

The adhesive seems to be holding pretty well so if the ink does the same I'll be happy. (Although I'm not holding my breath, this will be good enough for now.)

I also picked up a few keychain tape measures that I made little faction logos for and applied. I like that I know have a complete box with everything needed to play for the five factions I own. If I can ever get back out to other stores this will make it easy to demo the game and help build back the excitement of a few years ago when the kickstarter was live.

I really hope this game does well as I really like it and feel like there's plenty of potential for it to grow and have a decent market share in the already crowded skirmish game market.


On a Steel Horse I Ride ... painting finished

Malifaux – I was able to wrap up a seal the few Malifaux models I've been working on and am really happy with how they turned out. The models are pretty dynamic and the blue color really pops of the metallic parts.


WAAAGH! - Orks in the System

Random – Hello with the recent Ork Codex release the green menance seems to be a pretty popular subject. I don't actually have any Ork commissions to share with, nor do I plan on starting my own Ork force.

Instead I'm shamelessly plugging some ebay auctions I have going on at the moment. A friend of mine has had a heck of an odd time last year he and his wife lost their first child while in the womb. A terrible thing to happen to anyone for certain. However shortly after they gave it a second try and have a healthy happy little boy. 

Of course as you know, a new child means less time for yourself and unexpected expenses. My friend has decided to slim down his various Warhammer armies and has asked me to help him out. 

If you check out this link you'll find all the current auctions I have up all the Ork models are being sold for my friend. You'll find some great deals on Deffkoptas, Warbikes, Storm Boyz, Dreadnoughts, Killa Kans and more.