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Ahoy! - Star Nebula Corasairs Building Progress

Relic Knights – My quest continues ... I've just wrapped up building the full faction of Star Nebula Corsairs from my Relic Knights Rewards Package. During the intial Kickstarter this was the faction that peaked my interest the most, I've always liked the idea of space pirates so this is right up my alley.

I started with assembeling the starter box first as I had intended to try them out at my game night this week, however scheduling conflicts prevented that from happening so I'll try again next week. The starter set includes three sculpts of the basic trooper with two of them duplicated. I ususally dont' like that to much however they do include some extra scabbards and gun holsters so you can get a little variety. In game terms it doesn't matter because squads are treated like a single amorphous model that has some special rules. So it doens't matter if you can tell the faceless mob apart or not. It also includes a Broadside artillary piece and Captain Harker.

Harker is essentially a single piece sculpt. The model looks fine, but it's a bit of a bummer considering how dynamic the other models in the range are. Gluing him in place was simple and the mold lines weren't to bad. His cyper also is just two parts so it went together like a dream. I tried to hide the weird dirt pile with some esper crystals so that it fit in with the base insert better.

The Corsair Troopers went together painlessly and all the parts fit nicely. They also didn't seem to have a terrible amount of mold lines. The big guy barely fits on a base however so be careful when choosing where to pin him to the base.

The Broadside was the most difficult piece of the kit to assemble because there are no instuctions. For the most part you can look at the plugs and holes to see where things go. But when it comes to putting them on the base there seem to be lots of different ways to do so. There is also this weird piece that I couldn't find a hole to match the plug anywhere on the model. After looking closer the part had a wierd bump which actually fit in the skulls mouth to fill in the missing tooth. My assumption is this is a gun barrel of some type that doesn't look like the art work. It's really to bad they don't have painted model shots on the back of everybox. With the huge delay in delivery you'd think they would have had time to finish the packaging rather then placing a generic piece of art on the back of the box. Minor gripe but still an annoyance.

The rest of the characters in the range went together smooth, Squall was the most difficult because her staff looks like it should go between her breasts but it doesn't fit perfectly. Her face is also pretty jacked up, I might try to find the resin version for her.

Calico Kate was a really easy to put together model and one of the few that you have to make some choices when modeling her. They provide alternate arms as well as two versions of Kate. The original where she's straddling the neck of her relic and more traditional Captain Morgan pose where she can stand atop of it.

Overall the Star Nebula models turned out pretty great, easy to assemble, no missing parts and a good amount of detail. The test however is to see how well they paint up. After priming them and putting down some basic colors the signs are pretty good.


Garage Sale

Random – One of our neighbors put a note on our door that they are going to do a community garage sale in August. This has go her digging through old stuff to try and sell it and clear out our house while making a little extra money. While she started doing this she asked me to do the same and go through my stuff.

While this seems like a good idea, the reality is no random schmuck that shows up at a garage sale is going to know the value of the stuff I have to sell and most likely will just piss me off offering $2 for the box of limited edition what-cha-ma-callits. So rather than suffer through the sweaty masses with the stuff I want to clear out I'm doing my semi-annual ebay sale.

This time around I'm offering up a bunch of Malifaux stuff. While I like the game and models I don't have a need for more than a couple of crews. With all the models I've been putting together I need room in my cabinants so things that don't see the table need to find a new home.

I'm also willing to part with my second copy of the first edition Delaque Leader with a Power Axe. I guess this guy is really hard to find so here's you're opportunity.

I also have a bunch of Magic cards, Warhammer models and more check out the link in the sidebar to my ebay auctions.


Crystal Configuration Conundrum

Relic Knights – One of the key features of the Relic Knights universe is the growth of Esper Crystals. These are supposed to be running rampant across the Last Galaxy as the Darkspace Calamity approaches. In the videos I've seen from Soda Pop it looks like they use Gale Force 9's Battlefield in a Box crystals, which look pretty cool unfortunately they don't seem to be available (not to mention I want to try and save some money on this project) so I need to figure out how to make crystals.

The easiest thing to do is to carve the crystals from foam. I could probably then make a mold and cast these out of a clear resin like I do for the Ice Pillars. But I'm not sure how far I want to go with this project. Right now I need a cheap, quick and easy solution to make my terrain sets look like they fit in the Relic Knights universe.

To carve foam I use a snap blade utility knife, I've found this gives me the most flexibily and control over the knife to get the shape I want. I still have a ton of green foam left over from a project I did ages ago and to make crystals you don't really need much. 

After carving the shape I want out of the foam I glued it to an old GW Titan base and added some smaller crystals from the base inserts and some I cast from the Hirst Arts dungeon mold.

Using this method I was able to build a dozen or so crystal formations in an evening. The next step is to paint them up. 


They Call Me ... Doctrine Feel-Good

Relic Knights – Wow that's a pretty god-awful headline, I need to work on my puns...

Anyway continuing my press to get all the Relic Knights stuff I received assembled I'm now into the Doctrine. This is one of the factions I was on the fench about during the initial kickstarter but in the end I felt like the look of them was unique and they could present some fun modeling opportunities (ie my library). 

Much like the Speed Circuit faction these are mostly small models with a fair amount of fine detail. It is tricky to work with this material as with these small models its hard to get in where the mold lines are to remove them. The peg and plug sockets go together smoothly and make assembly a dream.

That's one thing I have to say about all the models in the Relic Knight line I've dealt with so far. They are a nightmare to clean up but once that part is done they go together smooth and glue solid with almost no "hold and blow" required (having recently put together some older metal Malifaux figures the "hold and blow" really does blow). I've never been a fan of accelerant because I don't like what it does to the glue in terms of making it more fragile.

Overall I didn't find any major issues with these models as I put them together apart from the standard complaint about mold lines and their location. They do look a little soft in some instances mostly with the faces which at this point I think if may been intentional. 


Noh More ... Finished up

Relic Knights – I finished my first set of the Noh faction for Relic Knights. I'm really happy with how they turned out and have posted the complete project in the Gallery.

Now I just have to do my own set.

I'm really liking the background I found to shoot these on it seems to bring out the fun nature of the models and separate them from the grim dark of most wargames. It's nice to switch things up once in a while.