More Guild Ball Custom Goals

Guild Ball – Two more custom goals to complete the teams I've been working on as well as another Union player. It's cleaver how they worked the magnet into the base model which made it really easy to assemble and magnetize.


Living Stone ... Gargoyle Progres

Dungeons & Dragons – I've been working on a big resin terrain project in between my regular commissions. While I'm making quite a bit of progress it's not super exciting look at the highlights on a book shelf so I'm saving those shots until I get it completed.

However also part of that batch is a group of gargoyles, these are really nice looking models. I wish the cast quality was a bit better, but it wasn't to bad to re-sculpt and fill the areas that bubbled. Resin is always hit or miss and sometimes you don't notice the flaw until you have the model together. 

The purple scheme ties into my clients campaign where he has purple as the color of the goddess of magic. So anytime I'm painting something magical/enchanted I'm trying to work purple or glowing blue into the piece.


Forge of Heroes - Dwarven Cleric

Dungeons & Dragons – I wrapped up my first Hero Forge Character model. I'm really happy with how this model turned out. I did some scratches and chipping on the green plate to make it look more worn. The technique is simple and just requie a line of metallic paint with a line of dark brown to highlight the mark.

Here's the info that my client provided me to come up with a color scheme:

"He is a dwarf cleric who is very Druid like. He made his own green plate on ore he he gathered himself. His staff was carved from a fallen tree and the fur was made from a brown wolf that died from a hunter. Basically just imagine a traditional Druid but in plate."

These are just some quick photos from my painting chair. I'll be shooting this in my rig for the gallery after I seal it.


More Mad Scientist Progress..

Guild Ball – The Alchemist Team I've been working on is just about done. Short post today just some WIP shots. I'll post up the finals once they're sealed.

The medical green color really highlights the scientific nature of the team in my opinion. I
used an almost neon green for the flasks and highlight colors which really pops against the other colors.

I used dead looking grass tufts on these models as I would imagine their noxious gases and chemicals aren't to friendly on the pitch.

The goal turned out pretty good, I'm happy with how the candle flame turned out it's more interesting than a typical orange flame and fits the colors of the team much better. 


Chemical Romance - Guild Ball Alchemists WIP

Guild Ball – I put together an alchemist team for a client with some additional union players recently. Much like the Hunters Guild I did previously these models went together smoothly and look really good. For the paint scheme my client was concerned about having two teams that were primarily green. To solve the issue I'm using a medical looking pale green and copper as the general scheme. I think it's going to look pretty cool as the green color is similar to what happens to copper as it ages.

He also asked me to build him two goals for the teams. After digging around my boxes of bits I found stuff to build a campsite for the Hunters and a Alchemical Candle for the Alchemists. I'm excited to get paint on these as they turned out pretty cool.

The campsite is mostly Hirst Arts pieces set up to look like bags of supplies around a smoldering fire. The candle is a combination of a hex piece from an old pegasus kit, GW light post and a faux flame insert. Simple enough to put together but very effective.