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It's the Doc; Diggy-Diggy-Doctrine ... WIP

Relic Knights – I haven't gotten this on the table recently and I part of the issue is that I subconsciously don't like to play with bare gray models (or primer white for that matter). So to rectify that situation I decided that I'm going to get the base colors down on all the Relic Knights stuff I own. Painting each faction to completion (or at least the level I want) is going to take to long with the other painting projects I have in my que. 

Please forgive the WIP progress shots but I wanted to share as I think it makes a world of difference just seeing the models bare and then seeing them with a coat of paint. The details really come out and from a distance even the most basic coat of paint brings the game up a level.

Overall the models are pretty nice, there's some definite scale issues across the line but they're most noticeable across the Doctrine line. 

For paint I did a foundation of Illayden Yellow with a wash of Fugan Orange to bring out the details. I used a purple foundation paint as the complementary color to help bring out the yellow and make it pop. The flesh is all based with the GW Foundation Flesh color (who's name is escaping me at the moment) I really like the coverage I get with this color and will be very sad when my supply runs out as the new foundation flesh colors just aren't the same.

These definitly need a bunch more work before I can call them done. But some paint is better than none.

I have a feeling these are going to turn our really nice once I have some time to spend with them making all the little details pop and painting on my own details in the areas that are lacking (like faces...)


Exodus ... work in progress

Wild West Exodus – I've started assembling the Outlaw gang for Outlaw Miniature's Wild West Exodus game. This is a job for one of my regular clients who just picked up the game and sent the models off to me to assemble and paint. My understanding is this was another game that got Kickstarted and delivered fairly recently. I had looked at the models while the Kickstarter was going on and wound up passing because I couldn't justify another game at the time. (Looking at these models I question that decision...)

Unlike most recent Kickstarter projects these plastic models are really plastic. High quality gray hard plastic on sprues. It's an amazing concept really promise plastic and deliver something that can be glued together with plastic cement. I wish other cool million dollar projects would have followed suit but that's a rant for another time.

Putting these models together was a dream, the kit included paper printed instructions, numbered pieces on the sprue with intelligent cuts that allow the seams to be hidden fairly well. (No gluing faces on that I've seem so far ...) A tiny drop of cement, push the parts together and set it aside. No holding parts for hours, pinning or dousing it with CA Activator. It seems I've been dealing with to many other forms of "plastic" metal and resin  lately that I'd forgotten the reason I still love putting GW figures together, hard plastic kits are the way to go period. 

I was quickly able to clean and assemble the ten outlaws, Wayward Eight and a few other models. I think in total it was only a few hours of sitting and gluing to get them all put together. One complaint though is the the printed instructions have the same "sprue-location-highlight" for every model, follow the numbers and full drawing otherwise you'll never find the parts you need.

After breezing through the plastic models I opened up the resin character models. These were not so easy to assemble. It took two thoroughly washing with a toothbrush to get all the mold release off, and even after that they still felt someone "slimy." The resin isn't as brittle as some types but it still wash tricky to cut. I used Gorilla Glue Gel Super Glue on these and wash able to get them to stick with minimal holding in place. 

Once these dried I sprayed them with a red oxide primer to set up the base coat, as they're going to be primarily brown and silver. 


Von Drake Manor ... Some Assembly Required

Super Dungeon Explore - I finally started cleaning up my Von Drake Manor Minis, they've been staring at me for quite some time and I was going to make this my October project but some other stuff came up so I had to back burner it. Now that I'm taking a short break I was able to scrape off the model lines and fill the gaps with greenstuff. Just like the other Super Dungeon stuff I've cleaned up I sculpted the flagstones so the base has a bit more dimensionality and transitions back smoother. 

No paint yet just some primer on a few of the models. I really like how they look when you get a nice coat of whit primer it's almost like a fresh coloring book as a kid. Anyway I'll start getting pisnt on these soon. 

I also spent a little time in the pre-planning for a three-dimensional Von Drak Manor themed set of tiles. All I've done so far is carve the floor tiles into my 12"x12" panels and started cutting the lines into the side panels. My idea is to do the exterior walls like the outside of a haunted house with boarded up windows and whatnot. For the interior walls I'm going to carve waynescoating and a chair rail to go throughout. It should make it feel very different than the inside of a cavern.


On the painting table ... Centurions

Warhammer 40,000 - It seems like I started these ages ago but they've sat on my shelf with the parts waiting for me to wrap them up. Well after playing two different 3,000 point games of Warhammer 40K recently I was a bit embarrassed to be fielding not only unpainted but unfinished models. I was pretty happy with how they worked out so I blocked out a section to time to glue the extra pipes and hoses onto them and get at least a basic coat on paint on them. 

Again this is far from finished but it seems like that's been the way most of my projects have been going lately. I blame it on all the great games that have come out recently it's easier to lose track and move to a new project because of all the shiny stuff sitting in my game room.

Between my commission jobs I'm planning on getting these models wrapped up soon. For the amount of table time they've seen lately I really need to get them wrapped up. Perhaps once they're fully painted they'll do a better job of taking out a Warhound or other super heavy. (I'm going to need to sculpt the scrolls on the front of each base as well since I forgot to do that before making my mold for the base.)


Apocalypse Not Really ...

Warhammer 40,000 - I was able to get another big 40K game in recently, this time around I had a chance to play against the Imperial Guard force that I spent most of the summer painting. Of course my own stuff wasn't quite fully painted (or completed for that matter ... yes I'm looking at you hoses for the Centurion conversion). However we still had a good time playing one of the Malestorm of War missions from the rule book. 

I ran the exact same list I did with previous large game and wound up having much better results. Even with a super-heavy on the table I was able to stand toe-to-toe for the whole battle. This time around we played the mission as written with the exception that is you drew a card you couldn't complete because of what wasn't in either list you discard and draw a new one. I believe we played mission four which makes any "Capture Objective X" public knowledge and accomplishable by either player.

The game was incredibly fun with both sides giving as much as they took. Once again I found the Centurions to be a massive target which helped my other forces to achieve the objectives as they soaked up the brunt of the fire-power. I guess just the threat of what they can do with a really good roll is enough to freak a tank heavy list out. Between them and the Landraider Achilles none of my other units saw any attention until after turn three.

The ebb and flow of this game was really fun as the new cards came up it became a mad rush to grab them and my choice to hold back rhinos full of troops paid off at the end as I managed to squeak out a tie when the game ended.