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We're going on a Bug Hunt ... WIP Corridors

Terrain Building – I recently picked up the roofs to match the Bug Hunt Corridors terrain that I kickstarted a while back. Because it was a limited time deal I felt I should get them so I can use the terrain set for more than just the inside of a ship or building complex. With the roofs added they can suddenly be used as freestanding building in their own right which opens up their use in big games of Warhammer 40K, Relic Knights, MERCS, and other sci-fi games.

I've put off putting these together because I couldn't, decide on a paint scheme and the nature of the piece means it's easier to paint prior to assembly. I've settled on a grey and white scheme to match LV-426 from the Aliens movie which they are based on. My plan is to paint the interiors in batches before moving on to the exteriors.

To start I laid out all the parts and primed them with Duplicolor Automotive Sandable Dark Gray Primer. Once that dried I followed up with a coat of Michael's house brand craft paint Dark Gray. I then went in a picked out the lighter details with a light gray color and painted the conduit sections red and yellow. I'm going to wait to install the railing until the project is finished. I figure if I'm going to paint that many hazard stripes I'm going to need a template and I'll try to airbrush them to save time. The grates were painted with Folk Art Gun Metal Metallic paint. 

To save some money on the wash I picked up a quart of Minwax Acrylic Stain and had it mixed to the color Onyx. Mixing the stain 50/50 with water gives a pretty decent black/brown wash which helps to bring out the details and provide some basic shading to the terrain. 

Once everything was dry I dry fit the parts together for the first four section I did to make sure it looked right. I'm happy with it so far and will probably begin gluing once I get the remaining 14 straight sections painted. I'll probably go back in at some point to improve the paint job on the interiors but at this point I'm aiming to get them functional and painted to a tabletop standard so I can use them in some games right away.


Where's the Cake

Random - Happy Birthday to to me.


The Dark Side ... Void Models Wrapped Up

Relic Knights – Again this took me longer than I would have liked but I've finally wrapped up the Void Models I've been working on for my current project. These are tied in with a bigger commission that has been simmering on my back burner as I try to crank through as much stuff ass possible.

I'm really happy with how these models turned out. I was a little nervous after putting the Void Reaper together about how I was going to paint the thing. But as it turns out my concern was misplaced as it painted up easy and had a good amount of detail that brings out the character of the model.

I keep with a white, black and purple scheme for these as I think it conveys a sense of darkness/evil without being pure black or overly grim-dark. That's one of the things that I try to be conscious of when painting Soda Pop stuff is that the models need to be bright and colorful, when they are they stand out and look really nice. If you try to go really dark with them I feel like you loose something.



Time and Tides ... Christmas Prep

Warhammer 40,000 – So last year I got a bunch of 40k stuff for Christmas. Most of which was still in the shrink-wrap and stacked on my to-do shelf. I figure with Christmas right around the corner I really need to get this stuff built before I wind up with more boxes that will need my attention.

To be fair the majority of the boxes were drop pods which I had scratch built cardstock ones I made from way back when they first introduced them to the codex at the end of third edition. They work just fine and are the same size and shape as the plastic ones so I wasn't in a rush to make more work for myself. The other factor that lead to me not rushing to get these built is the amount of 40k I had been playing prior to seventh edition's release. 40K has seen more table time with larger games as of late so the drop pods are actually seeing more table time. 

With that in mind I busted out my trusty plastic cement, side-clippers and x-acto blade and began gluing together some plastic kits. (God how I love the smell of plastic glue ... so much easier to work with then restic and metal) They kits are fairly complicated the first time you put one together, but after the third one I felt like I could do it in my sleep. Once I was all done I had six pods put together and ready to rain death from above on my enemies.

My only issue with the pods is for some reason mine won't stay closed. I'm going to have to do some magnetizing to keep them closed up so they'll transport and store better. Honestly on the table you only ever see them open so it's not a huge deal.



Chibi Chidi Y'all ... making an impact

Super Dungeon Explore – I recently found the box of Chibi Dungeon Adventure miniatures from the Impact Kickstarter a while back. When these came in I was super excited to paint them up and make up rules for them to use in games of Super Dungeon Explore but some other shiny thing caught my eye and I boxed them up and lost track of them for a while. (Oddly enough I boxed them in my Super Dungeon box with the tiles ... I keep my minis in a Battlefoam bag and built a 3D board that I use anytime we play.)

I started putting together the larger monsters from the selection I have. The parts are bigger and "easier" to clean up then the little tiny small base models so I figure starting with them will help move the project along. After scrubbing the mold release of the models I sat down to put them together. It was at this point I remembered why they got put in a box. There's a significant amount of bubbles and weird flash on these models. It also seems like the mold lines are odd like it shifted during casting on some of the pieces. It's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of greenstuff and a sharp blade but it is an extra bit of work.

The scale on these doesn't match up really great with the Super Dungeon stuff, it looks fine on it's own and with the distorted giant chibi heads it's not a huge deal that they look a little different. I really like the models on their own and can't wait to paint them up.