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Blast off ... Rocket Raccoon Costume

Halloween – My son finally settled on his costume for Halloween this year. Thankfully he decided against being an airplane (that was going to be tricky to build) and instead opted to be Rocket Raccoon. He's to young to see the movie but he does enjoy reading the comics with me as well as the few cartoon episodes that have the Guardians of the Galaxy as guest stars.

I opted to go with the commercially available costume as it was "reasonably" priced and easier than buying fabric and trying to craft something before Halloween. The costume came with one of those molded plastic masks with the rubber band. Which while it is very cool won't work for his school party where full masks and accessories aren't allowed. So after some looking around I found a "werewolf" hat that matched the fur of the costume fairly closely. This way he can look the part without having his face covered.

Of course part of what makes Rocket so cool is his variety of crazy laser guns and other weapons. Looking through my collection of terrain bits I found some parts that looked like they could make a decent blaster. I had part of an imaging unit from a laser printer, vinegar bottle, pedialite bottle, some plastic balls, plotter paper roll and pink foam to work with.

I started by carving out a handle that he could hold using pink insullation foam. This took two tries as the first one wouldn't mount to the imaging unit without snapping off. The second one worked great. I used some hot glue to attach and began cutting up the rest of the pieces. 

Once it was glued together I had to make sure it would work so I handed off to my son to try out. Immediately I was greeted with "PEEW-PUGH" and "I blasted him" so the gun worked. Once he fell asleep I was able to pry it out of his hands to apply the paint. 

I started with a dark grey primer and followed it up with a gunmetal metallic finish. I applied some color to the techy looking bits and have to say it's looking really cool. I'm going to try and clean up the details and then seal it with a heavy duty varnish so it will stand up to the rigors of a soon-to-be-three year old.

Not the question is can I get the rest of the family to dress up like the supporting cast for trick-or-treat?


Red and Brass, ready to kick some ...

Warhammer 40K – Yes sir that's right I have another 40K commission. No guard this time around, and no imperial eagles either. I'll be painting up Chaos Marines. I'm looking forward to this job as Chaos was always my first love for 40K. The models were always so cool and fun to paint. I do have a bit of seller's remorse after parting with most of my Chaos Marines so projects like this make me happy and a little nostalgic.

Way back in third edition when I started playing the game again, I loved the Chaos Marine book, there were so many options and different ways to build your army that everyone I played with had a Chaos Marine army of some type and not a single one played the same. During this time i started painting for other people and in the span of a year I painted 9 different Chaos Marine armies and not a single one was the same color or same make up. I miss those days ... 

Anyway back to the project. First up is a test batch of a ten man squad of marines. My client really wanted to duplicate the look and feel of the art on the cover of the current codex with a deep red and brass scheme. I guess he's been doing a bunch of conversion work on various models to give them fur and cloaks (his description makes me think chaos space wolves ... but I could be wrong). 

This job is going to consist of mostly 3 color+wash paint jobs as he has a ton of models and wants to keep cost to a minimum. So all models are provided assembled, and based I'm just putting down paint.

When I start a job like this I like to do a test batch of models to make sure m clients vision matches my own. It's important to do because if you don't you can get pretty deep into a job and then find out you have to strip everything and start over because the pink you chose was to princess and not bubble gum enough (true story).

I think he's going to be giving me some cultists to test when these are done. (Of joy dirty guard! I think there's only a few hundred of them ...)


Corsairs - Finshed and In the Gallery

Relic Knights – The Star Nebula Corsairs are finally wrapped up and photos are posted in my gallery. Overall I'm happy with how they turned out. Still having issues with the material they're cast in but overall they look good at arms length.

Still loving the game and moving on to paint up some of my own models soon. My goal is to get a starter force painted up for each of the five factions I won before the end of the year. We'll see how this works out with my commission schedule but I'm staying positive I can get it done.


Off the painting table ... Space Pirate Grunts 

Relic Knights – Wow I'm getting rusty. These took a bit longer to wrap up than usual. But the basic grunts for the Star Nebula are done.

In other Relic Knight news there don't seem to be a ton of podcasts talking about the game as of yet but I have been listening to Bill and Dixon over at the Gamer's Lounge talking about the game as well as the The Screaming Heretic crew has begun talking about the game. I really hope it catches on as the mechanics for the game are really unique and fun.

If you get a minute or are looking for something to listen to check these podcasts out.



Down for the Count ...

Random – No updates this week on the hobby front. Unfortunately with the changing season and a new school year comes a fresh bout of sickness. 

What started simple enough as seasonal allergies (with maybe a cold) soon blossumed to full blown bronchitis, double ear and sinus infection which tore through everyone in our household like wildfire. 

After my first round of meds I'm starting to be able to not cough uncontrolably for more than an hour at a time so I should be back on the painting table soon.