Cult of Personality - My Genestealers

Warhammer 40,000 – Finally I have all my genestealer cult assembled. With what I have I've built a solid 1000 point and two decent 1500 point lists. The next step is to get these bad boys painted up.

After hemming and hawing about a color scheme I decided to stick with the traditional purple and blue scheme. For the suits I'll keep the orange and white mining company look. I don't really like the look of guardsmen with different heads so I'm sticking with the mining suit look for my full force. 

For the few tanks I'm using I'm going to paint them like they're part of the mining operations security force, maybe there to help fight off native life forms. The yellow and black hazard markings are going to be prevalent throughout the force.

I'm really happy I was able to build almost the whole force from two Deathwatch Overkill sets. For the Acolytes with demo charge I snipped off the knife and added melta bombs to the arm as well as a bunch of grenades form my bitz box. 

I also converted a few of the grenade launcher neophytes to hold a flamer instead. I don't really like grenade launchers and think the flamer is more useful in this type of force. It was relatively easy to snip off the offending part and replace with one of the many flamers I have in my bitz box. While they don't fit in my current builds I might be summoning them later in the game.


On the painting table ... Rogue One

Dungeons & Dragons – I've been working on this Rogue for a little while, with the coughing fits I was having it was nearly impossible to do detail work. I just need to get the face and edge highlights done and this will be on it's way back to the client.

I really enjoy doing these one off character models, i always forget there are more uses for miniatures other than tabletop games.


Let's start a Resolution - Kingdom Death Progress

Kingdom Death – Starting 2017 off right I took a little time to work on one of my own projects, as a commission painter i don't always have a ton of time for my own projects so every now and then i need to take a break and do something for myself.

In an effort to stay on track with my Hobby Goals for 2017 I sat down and assembled all the expansions I have for Kingdom Death along with all the pin-ups. No paint on them yet but at least I was able to throw out the sprues and recycle the boxes to clear some space in my game room. I didn't get a chance to do the armor kits yet as I am still on the fence as to if I should build the kit as a whole or try to mix and match for cool factor. Initially i was going to be an idiot and magnetize everything then I came to my senses looking at the joins and the size of magnets I'd need. The cool factor doesn't make the effort worth it. Which I think the creator realized with the new kickstarter having iconic poses for the different kits instead. 

The expansions and pin ups were significantly easier to put together than the core set of monsters. I'm not sure if that's because they are better designed, in less pieces or just generally less complicated models.

For basing on these I've made a press mold of the face base inserts as well as some plaster casts of dolls heads with those and some sand I should be able to get a cool looking base that will match the game board pretty well. 

With the 1.5 on the way in 2020 I'm planning on being ready. I've already discussed playing this once a month with my current group so we can acutally move forward and play out the full game.


Kingdom Death - Second Batch

Kingdom Death – The next batch of models my client has ready to get painted consists of the four unarmoured survivors, two intamacy survivors, Screaming Antelope and King's Man. 

Painting on these is very similar to the prologue survivors I did before. Basic flesh tones with white robes. I'm using the same fluorescent yellow technique on the lanterns which I feel give a really nice OSL effect.

The Antelope is a gory nasty beast that looks like mostly exposed muscle and the massive gut mouth. After painting I applied a hefty amount of Blood for the Blood God Technical paint to complete the terrifying effect.

I had to pause on these while I got over a nasty bug (coughing and detail work don't mix well), but I'm eager to get back at them to finish out the details. Now that I'm feeling better it was right back to work on these.

For the lantern effect I'm working with fluorescent paints which really help to bring out that glow effect I'm trying to achieve. The most difficult part is figuring out where the light would naturally fall given the arm positions of the models I was provided with. By shining a light aligned with the lantern was able to determine the natural highlights to apply the yellow glow.


Salamanders - Rounding out the force Part 3

Warhammer 40,000 – Thunderfire Cannons are really good. I own a few myself and rarely do I regret bringing them (unless of course it's against an army of assassins). Seeing they in any Space Marine gun line list has become almost a staple. For 100 points you get several firing options all of which are good especially when facing a horde army.

It's not a surprise then that my Salamanders client has included nine of these in his crate of stuff to round out his force. They work well in a formation or even to take multiples in heavy support choice in a CAD, I guess nine is just about the right number. Of course it seems like overkill to me, but to each their own, right?

Having put together 16+ of these now I can assure you, these models suck to put together. Just like the basic Techmarine the joins seem to be just off enough to cause headaches so bust out your hobby drill. The collection of them he sent over included the model in metal, finecast and some type of other resin. The material didn't matter they all have the same issues. Patience and insta-set are your friends if you chose to accept this mission.