On the painting table ... Crossroads Seven

Malifaux – Back through the Breech. I have to shelve this job for a hot minute so I could grind through some other jobs that had more pressing deadlines. Now I'm back and getting the band on the run, so to speak.

My client had some very specific requests on these models, essentially it's a black and white quartered scheme on the clothing with the instruments picked out in the color of each faction. 

These were fun models to assemble and I'm really happy with how they turned out but the draw for Malifaux just isn't there for me.


On the painting table ... Bat Family

Batman: The Miniatures Game – I finally picked up the rule book for this and my Suicide Squad starter box arrived so I'm trying to get models to at least a basic minimum paint job before I put it on the table. It's not the most efficient way to paint but for getting things on the table it's quick to block in the colors and put down a wash. Then I can go back and birng them up to a higher level at a later date.

For the Batman crew I currently have Batman (Ben Affleck), Batgirl and Robin (Tim Drake) I think I need to pick up some cops to bring it to the 350 point level that seems to be the standard for this game. (which is the first difference I noticed between the hardback and this printing)

For the blacks I use a really dark color called pavement, and do two coats of black wash to bring it to a shaded dark black. I'm opting to do batgirl in black and gold with a purple interior on her cape. Robin is the traditional green, yellow and red. 

 So far I'm happy with the results, of course I plan to do significantly more highlighting and shading to really make these models shine as this game system is far from rank and file guys that get put on the table and picked right back up again. Which means I feel the need to do all of my models for the game to top quailty which will take a little more time.


Is it a cult or more of a club?

Warhammer 40,000 – Finally had a minute to start work on my genestealer cult. Not really much progress per say but getting them assembled is my primary goal at the moment. I want to have a solid 1000 points built that will be my core so I can learn to play them  before I invest in more models.

The list I'm working on is:
(1) Magnus
(1) Primarch
(30) Genestealers
(20) 4th Gen
(2) Chimeras
(1) Leman Russ
(1) Scout Sentinal 

I cast my own bases to match up with the Bug Hunt Corridor terrain I have, this generic decking makes them stand out and calls back to their interstellar origins. I haven't decided if I'm going to bling up the bases with alien ooze, skulls and what not yet or just keep it simple with a gunmetal grate.

I want to play a few games with them before I start painting. Since this force is going to really be more of a single build list for me I want to be sure I'm happy with how it plays before I put time in on getting them painted. It will also give me a bit more time to determine a color scheme for the force. The purple and blue are a given because I'm a traditionalist in that sense but the uniforms have me stumped. I'm leaning toward yellow or orange due to the industrial nature but I'm not quite sure.


Kingdom Death Monster ... WIP

Kingdom Death – I've made some more progress on the starting survivors and monsters for my Kingdom Death client which just so happens to coincide with the new kickstarter campaign. Totally worth checking out as it broke all the records for the first campaign within hours of the launch.

This project is really giving me the itch to get my own set completed and run through a full campaign. The first time I tried my group made it to the antelope before things fell apart and we moved on to another game. Not because it wasn't fun but more because we couldn't get everyone together regularly enough to keep it moving.

One of the things I'm most happy about with these so far is the look of the bases it took me a little time to get them right but now they match the game board really well. I'll probably add a bit of dead grass to the monster bases once I finish painting them.


Batman: The Dark Knight ... Book Review

Book Review – As I've mentioned several times before in recent weeks, I never was a big DC fan so I'm behind on the times and have been trying to catch up. My most recent haul from the library is the complete New 52 run of Batman: The Dark Knight. 

All I can say is WOW, the art is really great and I love the dark feel of this book. I'm going to track down some of the other books in the New 52 to read the trades before I move on to Rebirth. I don't quite understand what the need to reboot every year or tow is all about but it does make it easy to jump in on a new story line without having several decades of back story to catch up on.

I think next I'm going to check out the Flash books from this same New 52 run. I never really followed the character so other than what I've seen on TV or through other books I didn't know much other than he runs fast and can mess up the timeline.